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Intimate Ceremonies in the Officiant's Home
847-873-7463 Chicago Time CST 8-8pm
IL Wedding Officiant, Rev. Pamela would love to officiate your ceremony in her historic home located in Cook County, Illinois, Chicago's NW Suburbs. Romantic, Intimate, and a simple wedding, Rev Pam's ceremonies are beautifully written and will make your day even more special. The Monday Night Special $225 package includes a private wedding with 1 Hour at Pine Manor, the couple alone no guests, a twenty minute ceremony (Inside by the fireplace or in the beautiful backyard garden), a certificate suitable for framing. All you need is a Cook County license. Bring it to Rev Pam and it's legal.

A truly romantic experience leaving you with memories you just can't get "In Court". Why not call today? Available from 8am - 8pm, Rev Pam would love to talk about how to personalize your special day. Rev. Pamela will perform your ceremony in a magical way that will touch your soul and inspire your future together. Short notice ok!

Logon to the packagee page for prices and wonderful oackage to make your special day even more special.

This unique wedding venue offers an intimate, home elegance perfect for a quick ceremony. Last minute is OK, as long as your license is 24 hours old, or don't get a license and do a commitment ceremony. Rev Pam performs ceremonies almost every day. The home features a 1920's feel with honeymoon suite, home cooked catering and wedding packages for every budget.

Rev Pam also travels to your location for $400 + .35 cents a mile round trip. GLBT and Pagan Friendly. Photos not included on location. Call to book your special day 8am - 8pm 7 days a week. (847) 873-Pine {7463}

Spanish ceremonies are also available. log on for more info.

Please be assured, I have followed state requirements and hold the proper credentials to perform legal marriages / civil unions in my home in Cook County Illinois, and on location in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota & Michigan. My Officiation is legally binding, or you may choose to have me preformed as a spiritual ceremony without legal consequence.
$225 Mondy Night special
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Pine Manor is a beautiful alternative for a small wedding and budget. Rev Pamela will take care of everything! Invitations, flowers, cake, photography, a custom ceremony, delicious home cooked catering for up to 28 guests, and a band for your reception. Then spend the night in the honeymoon suite with antique decor and wake to champagne breakfast in bed the next day. Within walking distance to nightlife and the train to downtown Chicago, Pine Manor is perfect for an elopement destination wedding to Chicagoland. You and your fiancé will immediately fall in love with this quaint in-home stay. Get married next to the brick fireplace or outside in the garden. You will truly feel relaxed so you can be completely present to give your heart, and experience every moment of your special day together.
Call Pine Manor anytime 8am - 8pm (CST) (847) 873-Pine 7463 eMail

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You could get married at the courthouse - but why?
$225 Romantic Courthouse Wedding Alternative
Late Night & Weekends - If You Already Have a Cook County License You Can Get Married Today!